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Steps to Success for Obtaining Finance

Do not miss out due to delays on obtaining finance. Follow our tips and ask us how we can assist with your finance application.

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Tips for Success

  1. Have a preliminary finance discussion with our finance rep to determine your capacity to borrow and your financial ‘health’.
  2. Start a savings program immediately to demonstrate your capacity to build a deposit.
  3. Pay your deposit to the builder so they can design your plan and prepare your building contract (required by the bank!).
  4.  Inform the mortgage broker of your deposit savings or if you need a low-deposit or low-doc loan.
  5. The mortgage broker will then find you the most suitable loan based on your circumstances and the anticipated valuation of the finished home.

Pitfalls to Watch For

  • Be clear with your requirements to avoid changing the building plans.
  • Be upfront about your employment or future plans that may affect your income.
  • Low deposit and Low doc loans are available but at a higher rate of interest.
  • Valuations and finding the right bank may take a few tries before finding the right combination.
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