Build Your First Home Or Investment Property

Build Your First Home

All of our homes are built ready to be moved into and conveniently located in areas with proven historical capital growth;
close to schools, shops, freeway entries and the Transperth railway network.

Step 3: Building Your Property

How It Works

Once you have sorted through your options for finance, it is time to get to the exciting part of building your new home or investment property.

When deciding where to build, it’s a great idea to list all the suburbs you are interested in.Once you have your list, you will need to take a closer look at each area in detail. When evaluating your options, consider the following:

Accessibility – accessibility is an essential factor when considering your new home. You don’t need to live in the centre of Perth, but you should take into account whether or not the area is accessible via public transport or major roads and freeways.

Population growth – areas where the population is expected to grow will likely see an increase in property value. This can help increase your equity over time and achieve a higher price when you eventually decide to sell.

Local infrastructure – suburbs with developed infrastructure, or planned future developments, are more desirable. Are there good schools, shopping centres and medical facilities in the area? If not, are there any planned construction of these facilities in the future?

Economic growth – areas where the economy is overly reliant on a single industry or employer tend to make poor long-term investments. If the industry or employer falls on hard times or closes down, house prices may fall.


The needs of you and your family – while it is unlikely you will live forever in your first home, you still need to consider your immediate future. Do you and your partner intend to have children soon? Will you need to move around a lot for work? Think about the future and what your needs may be in the coming years – then look for a neighbourhood which can meet these needs.

After you’ve gone through your list, you can narrow down your options and focus your search on specific properties.

During this process, it’s also a good idea to start looking at builders. A reliable builder is essential when constructing your first home. Look at those who have a long history of quality work. Some quick research will help you separate the good from the bad.

Ask for testimonials, read reviews online, visit display homes and talk to any family and friends who have recently built a house for feedback. You can also sit down to discuss your needs with different builders and get a feel for each one.

You also might want to strongly consider house and land packages or buying off the plan. This can provide an excellent opportunity to purchase your first home at a lower price than you would otherwise achieve. It can also offer an affordable entry point if you are looking to buy with little to no deposit saved – without sacrificing the quality home you deserve.